About Beyond the PhD.

Beyond the PhD is a free resource consisting of real anonymised stories from PhD students who have gone on to interesting and sometimes unexpected careers.

Feel free to navigate the range of case studies using the menu (or the pop-out menu on mobile). The interviews are divided into easily-digestible audio clips and you can access a transcription for each one if you prefer to read rather than listen.

The first 12 individual case studies are now ready for you to access them. In these candid interviews, interviewees offer personal reflections on facing challenges, responding to opportunities and reaching decisions. They also describe their PhD experience, the period of transition from their final year of writing-up to their subsequent employment, the contexts in which they currently work, and how the PhD has equipped them for their role. 

For our Inkpath partners

If Inkpath is being used by your institution or organisation, these case studies can be added to your suite of asynchronous content at no additional cost, and will be available to appear in the tailored recommendations that the Inkpath app makes to students, researchers and staff. Your Inkpath representative will help you to make this happen – be sure to ask about it if you are interested!

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