What does Inkpath do?

Inkpath is your portal for professional development. The Inkpath Administration Portal automates your training management, combining with the Inkpath lifelong professional development app for users to provide you with cutting-edge tools with which to create a rich professional development environment for all of your different audiences. You can read more about Inkpath for universities, for doctoral training partnerships, and for membership organisations.

Who is using Inkpath?

Our clients are like us: they are pushing forward, innovating, keen to improve what they are doing and working hard to produce a world-class offering focused on developing students, researchers, staff and members. You can read case studies from some of our university and membership organisation partners, or talk to us.

How much does Inkpath cost?

Inkpath is licenced by universities and other organisations on an annual basis. Pricing is based on the number of administrators using the platform, with unlimited end user numbers included. The cost can usually fit within the budget of an individual department, and also scale to cover entire institutions if required. Set-up, administrator training and user support are all included.

How long does it take to get started?

The speed at which Inkpath is deployed will usually be limited only by your purchasing process! Inkpath is hosted in the cloud, and setup and initial orientation can often be done in less than one day, so the timeline is up to you. Inkpath has been built to be integrated easily with existing systems and can be operated in tandem with legacy systems while you understand how and when to retire the old and embrace the new. So you can just get going now, and not feel that current systems stand in the way!

Do I need to involve our IT Services team?

Your initial use of Inkpath should require no resource from your IT services as we host the service, manage the initial configuration and support any data import. Of course we offer much deeper integration such as Single Sign On and links to record systems, but that can be built in over time.

What is Inkpath's roadmap?

If you choose to join our professional development ecosystem, you can join one of our community of client groups, sharing good practice and taking part in our roadmap planning exercises. Even better, you can (if you choose!) engage with us on thought leadership and case studies and demonstrate the positive impact of Inkpath in your organisation. You can read some of these case studies on this website – your success is our success!

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