Case study: University of Canberra.

”We were pleasantly surprised by how easily and quickly Inkpath could be deployed. The friendly team supported our project remotely and the few meetings we did need took place online on Australia time which made the international aspect easy. We ran a live induction session hosted by the Inkpath team which ran smoothly and users found the app easy to use. When it came to supporting our users, the Inkpath team delivered their induction session remotely over video link to our seminar room. Our users loved the introductory talk and we were really pleased to see so many up and running straight away.” – Manager Policy and Programs, Graduate Research, University of Canberra


The University of Canberra in South-Eastern Australia is among the world’s top 50 ‘young’ universities. Founded in 1967 and gaining university status in 1990, they provide high quality research programmes across a range of disciplines.

The challenge

To design, implement and launch an Inkpath solution, entirely remotely, for an institution on the other side of the world with an 11-hour time difference.

High standards for data protection

Inkpath has always upheld the highest standards of data protection – with our UK and AWS data centres, we meet legislative requirements for the UK, EU and the rest of the world.

Remote user induction

The University of Canberra received the same standard of user induction as all other clients – a seminar room full of new users in Canberra with the Inkpath induction delivered from the UK by the Inkpath team.

Custom integration and development

Despite being remote and in the opposite timezone, not only was a ‘basic’ setup achieved, but the University of Canberra also benefit from custom integration with their events calendar, as well as working with Inkpath to develop one of our first Single-Sign-On integrations.

Minimal effort for the Canberra team

Thanks to the intuitive nature of both the user app and the administration interface and thanks to the minimal setup time and effort required, only a handful of meetings and email exchanges were required to bring the project to launch day.

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