Training Needs Analysis: Simplified.

Chris Corr, our Client Success Manager, describes a recent addition to Inkpath functionality

When was the last time you stopped to be a ‘reflective practitioner’ and think about your skills and knowledge? If you have done this, did you do it because someone asked you to, or did you do it in a way that added value to your career?

Inkpath is all about building a rich portfolio of your activities. Importantly, each of these experiences is mapped to the skills you have developed. You rapidly gain an analysis of your training activity and an insight into the depth of your experience. Activities include formal and informal training activities, and also any other experience such as taking part in a seminar or attending a conference.

Inkpath now features a skills questionnaire, set by your institution and/or any other affiliation you have selected in Inkpath, such as a Doctoral Training Partnership. This questionnaire guides you through a reflective exercise on each of the skills in your institution’s framework. There is the opportunity to rate your current skill level, interest in developing this skill further and a space to reflect on your experience to date.

After completing the questionnaire you can email or print a copy of your skills report, for further discussion with a supervisor or manager. You can also discover, from within the skills analysis section, new activities which will enhance your development in each area.

If you are offered a questionnaire next time you use Inkpath, do find a time to step through the questions. You can skip if you’re busy and come back later. You should find the output helps you reflect on your next steps and identify new opportunities.

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