Booking and participation tracking.

Clever automated event booking developed by people who know the challenges

Inkpath’s in-app booking makes things incredibly easy for users and administrators alike. You can set up activities with just a few clicks, or go into detail and specify cancellation policies and windows, pre-event questionnaires, resource links, joining links to online sessions and venues visible only after booking, and more. Inkpath also handles event confirmations with calendar entries, event reminder emails and sharing key information online and joining links – all sent automatically at the right time to help support engagement with your event or training programme.

Every type of event covered

Run single events, recurring activities, multiple-activity courses with optional and mandatory elements, and more. You can even book individuals or whole cohorts on to events and activities with a few clicks – perfect for inductions and mandatory training.

Modern experience for end users

For users, it’s as simple as clicking ‘book a place’ in the Inkpath app – no need to enter details, no fuss. Automated waiting lists and reminder notifications take the stress out of running events, and our no-show management system ensure strong engagement and

Automate attendance monitoring and feedback

Inkpath users can simply scan their training into the Inkpath app and verify their attendance, providing feedback while they do so. No more attendance registers! No more lost feedback forms! And no need to enter attendance into other systems manually – Inkpath takes care of all of this for you, leaving you with more time for design and delivery of your provision.

Or take control

If you prefer, event facilitators can use Inkpath’s facilitator portal to manage their own events and mark attendance, and you have complete control over booking and attendance tracking as an Inkpath Administrator.

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