Strategic data insights.

Comprehensive reporting for a strategic approach

Inkpath’s incredibly detailed and quick-to-use reporting provides all the information required to monitor progress and development from an individual to an institution level. As an Inkpath administrator you gain rich insights into student, researcher and staff engagement and how your people are developing. Anonymous, instant, timely feedback on provision also helps Inkpath administrators to react effectively and efficiently to improve their provision, measure impact and adopt a strategic approach. Inkpath data are perfect for exercises like Athena SWAN and other equality charters, internal reporting at the click of a button, HR Excellent in Research submissions, and funding applications and reports.

Working with you to gain specific insights

If you have a data insight in mind which is specific to your organisation or project, then be sure to talk with us about it. We love working closely with our clients to build new tools, new reports and new angles on Inkpath’s big data. Many of our clients can now click one button to gain the data they need for committee reports and funding applications, and are able to spend more time on what matters – that is, providing fantastic professional development programmes and opportunities – as a result.

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