Training partnerships.

Make managing multi-partner arrangements a breeze

Inkpath provides a unified portal for training and development opportunities, bringing together training from home institutions, partner institutions and the partnership itself into one consistent interface. Provide all the information students need to locate and attend the training they need, even across complicated multi-institution arrangements. Track activity discovery, allow students and researchers to register interest, and monitor attendance at activities across all providers.

Take the pain – and the paper – out of Training Needs Analysis

A fully automated system asking questions you define from the skills and competencies framework you set. All responses are returned automatically to the Inkpath admin portal, exportable in a fully formatted spreadsheet. Multiple questionnaires can be recorded and tracked over time. No paper, no fuss.

Collate evidence for impact case studies at the touch of a button

Students can use Inkpath to collect evidence of their activities with an easy in-app upload: a copy of a certificate, a selfie from a conference, a CV, and so on. Monitor the submission of evidence and view and export from the administration interface.

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