What is Inkpath?.

Make your training or professional development programme a breeze to run

Running a training or professional development programme, center or initiative? Inkpath is the management platform you have been looking for. Inkpath combines two parts. First, a powerful, easy-to-use programme and event management portal for administrators and managers, with a powerful event booking engine, clever automations and professional development tools, and rich data reporting. And second, a lifelong professional development app for end users, accessible as a mobile app or browser-based webapp, which serves as their ‘career GPS’, helping them to navigate their professional development, form a plan, and reflect on their path ahead, with automated, context-sensitive suggestions for next steps.

One integrated portal into opportunity, accessible to all

Developed and run by education and technology professionals, Inkpath is used by organisations operating at the cutting edge of professional development. If you want a robust, dynamic platform that will engage your people, capturing rich data about their activities within and beyond your organisation, then you have found the right place to look. And if you want to be part of a community of partners working closely with us to drive innovation in professional development across a range of exciting spaces, then be sure to read on!

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